Connected Car Computer

  • Single computer solution supports multiple displays, including central unit, cluster and HUD
  • High security with layered software architecture, virtualization and ARM TrustZone
  • Link Motion features include navigation, calls and messaging, music, rear-camera, air conditioning management, browser and 3rd party application software development kit
  • The system is optimized for maximum performance
  • Seamless integration with the device
  • Low-cost hardware based on NXP i.MX6


  • Link Motion is a complete product, ready to use as-is
  • A low-cost hardware plus reduced maintenance costs with a simpler system
  • HW and SW platforms designed in a flexible way, making also customization possible
  • Simple, safe and secure system with only features the driver really needs
  • All functions are consolidated onto a single piece of hardware (instruments, infotainment, HUD, V2V, ADAS, ...), instead of using many separate overlapping systems


Risk for digital attacks increases the more complex the in-car system gets. We do not want to end up in the same situation as with computers and smartphones, having a thousands of attacks daily.

Link Motion blocks the route from outside network to the CAN network of a car with a firewall. The software architecture is layered to prevent any kind of outside access to the critical functions of the car.

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"A great design is functional, safe, and beautiful." (ustwo 2014)

Complete production level intuitive reference UX follows NHTSA driver distraction guidelines. The design combines smart dual-knobs, a touch screen and an optional voice control for easy and intuitive use, allowing the driver to keep her eyes on the road. The user interface is implemented with Qt 5.4 technology.



  CONNECT: Connect application with phonebook, call, and messaging  icon

  MUSIC: Listen music from your device  icon

  SANDBOX: Add 3rd party applications  icon

  COMFORT: Comfort application for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning  icon

  SMARTPHONE CONNECTIVITY: Apple Carplay and Android Auto  icon