Our spokespersons

Jouni Mikkonen has over twenty-five years of experience on research and development of products in global scope. He has a Ph.D. in Telecommunications as well as operational management experience with a strong commercial acumen from both start-up and large corporation environments. Jouni is leading our skilled RD team that wants to drive the change in the automotive world towards more agile and software-driven solutions.

Juha Hytönen leverages his wide expertise in information technology, program management and business development to grow companies. During the past ten years he has worked with both embedded and enterprise systems in several positions and industries, including medical and online gambling to name a few. At Link Motion, Juha gets the possibility combine his embedded systems and cloud knowledge in developing connected cars. He is also responsible for the quality and compliance of Link Motion’s products. In addition to various certifications, Juha holds an M.Sc. in Engineering, BBA in Management and an honorary membership in the grumpy old men’s club.

Antti Korventausta, Lead System Architect at Link Motion, initially hails from a background of research, computational sciences and quantum mechanics (M.Sc.) at Tampere University of Technology. Since then, he has continued on a path of unflinchingly staring into the abyss of complex challenges on offer in embedded software projects. With him, he brings an analytical mind with a scientific bent towards security, problem dissection and controlled work patterns.

Teemu Helenius works as Hardware Lead at Link Motion managing all the HW design activities. He has more than fifteen years’ experience to develop HW and turn innovation and technology into a product. Teemu has been defining HW features of the next generation carputer Motion T based on the customer requirements. He has gained expertise also from working with large organizations and managing component suppliers.

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