Antti Korventausta

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Complexity, Baselines and Variants

Through-Stack Development (Part 3)  Follow the link to read Part 1 and Part 2. Let’s talk a bit about complexity. Almost any given automotive ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is a complex beast by itself, with its number of requirements ranging somewhere between a couple of hundred for a simpler ECU to thousands for a full-featured (…)

Bisecting Security and Safety in the Automotive Sphere

Through-Stack Development (Part 2) Follow the link to read Part 1 and continue to Part 3. Part of what makes connected carputers such a challenging area, is the need to meet stringent requirements on two fronts – vehicle safety (to ensure safe operation in traffic) and cyber-security (to protect the car from malicious attacks). The (…)

Through-Stack Development in Automotive Systems

Introduction to Through-Stack Development (Part 1) Follow this link to continue to Part 2 and Part 3. Building the connected carputers of today and tomorrow is no trivial thing. On one side you have great expectations on new features brought on by vehicles taking a digital leap, a push towards faster time-to-market and expected cost (…)