Juha Hytönen

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Culture drives business

Transforming companies through values, culture and corporate DNA (Part 2). Read Part 1. Culture eats strategy for breakfast. What an unambitious statement. Is organizational culture really a beast that cannot be tamed? For the quality manager it cannot be, as today even standardization demands for the existence of certain cultures. Culture is in the focus (…)

Values are the last fallback

Transforming companies through values, culture and corporate DNA (Part 1) Values. In technology companies they are things that are assigned to variables. In fact they are the last fallback to keep the company on the right track when all other mechanisms have failed. Knowing that the company has the right values helps me, the quality (…)

Why does automotive quality management still lack attention to software?

How many lines of software are there in a modern car? Ford F150, like the name suggests, runs on approximately 150 million lines1. And how many lines are there in a modern passenger jet? Should be more, right? The Boeing 787 Dreamliner carries, in fact, only seven million lines2. In an F150, a single subsystem (…)