Introducing the Motion T™ Connected carputer, Link Motion’s flagship automotive computing platform. Certified to global industry standards, the Motion T includes hardware and software support for all connected applications, vehicle buses, multiple displays, and audio and camera applications. With this platform, Link Motion can create custom connected eCockpit domain controller solutions for OEMs.

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The component model in the electro-mechanical world of small discrete hardware units dedicated to each function is being replaced in the digital world by domain controllers - powerful carputers - that integrate multiple functions into a single computer. The exact functions that that these carputers perform depends largely on the software running on them. We think of these functions as being grouped into Virtual ECUs - vECUs. Depending on the role for a specific carputer solution we can configure some of the hardware and choose the appropriate vECUs to create the functionality required. A few examples of the different roles a Motion T carputer can be configured for are listed below.


The Link Motion carputer is based on the most secure car computer platform, containing multiple integrated security solutions to protect the assets and mitigate the threats. Security attributes have been built into the carputer from the ground up, creating a comprehensive multi-layered security architecture of hardware and software. The multi-layered security architecture is used to create defense in depth so that, much like a castle with rings of walls, the vulnerable vehicle buses and important data are ringed with layers of protection. Failure in one layer, leaves other layers still in place protecting the system. For more information on Security and the Motion T platform, please see our articles on our blog


Connectivity is at the core of enabling cars to become smarter. The current Motion T hardware platform includes Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and positioning connectivity. Today 3G and 4G networks are the backbone for delivering automotive services via the Connected Vehicle Platform and consumer digital life services. The Connected Vehicle Platform is changing how OEMs serve their customers and creates a detailed long-term relationship that OEMs can leverage to delivery better, custom services and create a stronger branding experience with their customers. With the secure Telematics, Diagnostics, ECU remote controls, and advanced over-the-air updates features built-in to the Motion T, the carputer offers the OEM a chance to re-tool and create an end-to-end vehicle life-cycle management system starting from R&D and running through engineering, manufacturing and after sales.


Displays are becoming larger, more numerous and taking a central role in interior design. The Motion T can support up to 4 displays at up to 4k resolution in total

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Configured as an eCockpit, the Motion T combines the secure connected gateway with a digital instrument cluster, a large infotainment system and up to two further displays. This solution is especially easy to adopt for vehicle programs without any legacy systems to integrate with. Many EV programs are using this kind of solution, recognizing the benefits a single combined unit brings in terms of unit costs, ease in packaging and weight.
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The Single Display Cockpit combines both the instrument cluster and the infotainment display into a single digital display. Either OEMs can opt for large single displays to dominate the dashboard, or even better suited for vehicles with small cockpits where space is at a premium, or for economically priced vehicles where a second display is not desired.
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Instead of combining all the cockpit features, strip the Motion T down to an almost minimalist configuration and forego the infotainment system completely. This is suitable for OEMs that want the benefits of secure connectivity and all the connected vehicle platform features, but have an investment in an existing infotainment system that they don't want to move on from yet.


Please check the complete product range and technical data sheets in PDF format.

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