DIF 2017: Link Motion participates in APPSTACLE EU project to create a secure car-to-cloud platform

Increasing amount of application systems, software solutions and services in the automotive industry will drive exponential growth in the amount of in-vehicle source code towards 300 million in the near future. To ensure that connectivity can be brought into cars in a safe and secure manner, Link Motion has joined ITEA3 APPSTACLE, an EU project establishing a secure car-to-cloud and cloud-to-car platform.

Opening the silos for external application and software developers without compromising safety and security, ITEA3 APPSTACLE project aims to include an open and secure car-to-cloud and cloud-to-car platform that interconnects a wide range of cars and transport vehicles to the cloud via open in-car and Internet connection, taking advantage of 5G opportunities. The solution will also include a software development and deployment environment that creates an open ecosystem using Eclipse Community facilities whereby specific quality requirements for automotive industry i.e. security and identity, are met.

The platform together with the project ecosystem further opens new avenues for mass differentiation of cars and transport vehicles. For software developers, it will open new application and business areas for upgrading legacy or even new cars with new innovative features. The way the automotive industry delivers value to the end-users in the near future will be changed thanks to the synergies established between the APPSTACLE consortium partners of leading industrial players covering the complete technology and value chain and cutting-edge academic institutions. Read more about the project here.

Join Digital Innovation Forum 10-11 May in Amsterdam with us and learn more about APPSTACLE project and Link Motion. If you wish to set up a meeting, please contact sarianne.niemi@link-motion.com.