Finland’s First Robot Car on Stage

Red Citroën drives by itself down the street, and stops when it recognizes obstacles in front of it. We are in the VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd in Hervanta, Tampere, watching the first robot car of Finland, Marilyn, doing its final rehearsals before it’s first journey in Tampere city traffic.

Marilyn 2.0  is the first automated passenger car in Finland allowed to drive in city traffic. It is part of UrbanAutoTest, a Finnish project developing applications for connected and autonomous driving, where Link Motion is also a contributor. Marilyn, made of 2007 Citroën C4, is equipped with advanced sensor technology, software solutions and automated driving functions. The vehicle has been modified for automated driving by installing electric actuators for control of throttle, steering wheel and brake – this setup makes the car’s ability to detect it’s environment tens of times better than a human ever could. Read more about Marilyn technical specs here.

Motion T, secure connected carputer by Link Motion is one of the key components in Marilyn, collecting and processing CAN data and sharing the information to the passengers. Motion T is a single computer eCockpit solution that is able to combine five previously separate systems: instrument cluster, infotainment, head-up display, connectivity and telematic units. It has been built security first from the start, being the most secure and cost-efficient mobility solution in the market.

See the project live 18th May @ VTT Hervanta event “Meet Marilyn the Robot Car”, and experience the technology behind this fascinating engineering work where a passenger car has been transformed into robotic mode! During the event Motion T is showcased in a husband car of Marilyn called Martti, a VW Touareg joining to the automated driving fleet in fall 2017.

To set up a meeting with Link Motion in the event, please contact Tatu Nieminen,