The disruption of moving

The automotive industry has a long history of innovation and technological improvement, although the perception is that the changes have been slow. Today we are at the beginning of technological change that is driving the biggest disruption to the industry since the internal combustion engine replaced battery electric vehicles over a hundred years ago. From connectivity to driverless cars, the entire ecosystem is being challenged to re-think and re-shape what they do. Read more about the ideas behind Link Motion.

Reducing complexity

Connectivity and software are the key drivers for the change we are seeing today. Look under the hood at the key technology decisions that Link Motion has made and understand the driving forces behind them.

Connected Vehicle Solution

The industry’s leading companies in smart mobility solutions have come together to address the complex need for an end-to-end connectivity solution. Link Motion, specialists in vehicle cockpit technology; Irdeto, the pioneers and leaders in cryptographic and platform security; and DSA, with expertise in telemetry, diagnostics and data analytics are all joined by Microsoft with their connected vehicle solutions in the cloud.



The Motion T Connected carputer is our platform for delivering connected eCockpit solutions. The Motion T is a powerful, custom-designed, multi-functional, automotive grade computer, built around a single SoC and MCU integrating multiple operating systems each optimized for their specific role.


Culture drives business

Transforming companies through values, culture and corporate DNA (Part 2). Read Part 1. Culture eats strategy for breakfast. What an unambitious statement. Is organizational culture really a beast that cannot be tamed? For the quality manager it cannot be, as today even standardization demands for the existence of certain cultures. Culture is in the focus (…)

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