Irdeto and Link Motion to Showcase the Most Secure Connected Carputer at Upcoming Automotive Industry Events

Unique secure connected carputer demo at CES Asia and TU Automotive to highlight how car hacks are executed and solutions that must be implemented to mitigate vehicle cyberattacks

AMSTERDAM – 31 May 2017 – Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform security, and Link Motion, a secure connected carputer maker, will showcase the most secure connected carputer on the market at CES Asia from June 7-9 and at TU Automotive from June 7-8. The joint solution combines Cloakware™ for Automotive by Irdeto and the Motion T carputer by Link Motion, to provide tier ones and OEMs with a joint solution that is easy to deploy on all major Automotive OEMs, protecting vehicles from hackers and cybercriminals.

The demo at CES Asia and TU Automotive consists of a car simulator that feigns a car hack. Attendees can sit in the driver seat and experience the effects of an executed attack that inhibits the use of certain functions, including the steering, brakes, gas, etc. The simulator then highlights how the joint Link Motion and Irdeto solution prevents those hacks from executing.

“The automotive industry is changing rapidly. Software has become a key component in automotive development and consumers are eager for more connectivity in their vehicles,” said Pasi Nieminen, CEO of Link Motion. “As a result, security is the new safety and it needs to be implemented into products from the beginning, not a later add-on to a product. Our joint solution with Irdeto provides the connectivity that consumers desire while combining hardware and software that maximizes security from the beginning.”

According to Gartner, by 2020 there will be a quarter billion connected vehicles on the road, enabling new in-vehicle services and automated driving capabilities. Link Motion and Irdeto have analyzed connected car vulnerabilities in depth to develop secure systems to help automakers provide a safe and reliable driving experience for consumers.

“Where cars of today are defined by engines, cars of tomorrow will be defined by software,” said Daniel Thunberg, Global Head, Automotive, Irdeto. “While connectivity is essential to satisfy consumer demand, it introduces new security threats. To address these challenges, the Cloakware for Automotive solution combined with the Motion T carputer blocks hackers and cybercriminals from altering the carputer, preventing cyberattacks targeting connected cars. With Link Motion and Irdeto, tier ones and OEMs are able to deliver a renewable and tamper-proof environment for vehicle software, ensuring that vehicles operate as intended.”

To learn more or request a demo at CES Asia or TU Automotive, please visit: or email us at:

About Irdeto
Irdeto is a pioneer in digital platform and application security, with its software security technology and cyber services protecting more than 5 billion devices and applications against cyberattacks for some of the world’s best known brands. For nearly 50 years, Irdeto has worked with software application providers, connected device manufacturers, pay media operators and content creators to secure their products and business models. Combining patented technologies and services, the Cloakware for Automotive by Irdeto solution helps automakers and tier-one suppliers protect their brand and save cost in the battle against cybercriminals by creating a secure, tamper-proof environment for vehicle software. Irdeto, a subsidiary of Naspers (JSE: NPN), is headquartered in the Netherlands with more than 15 locations worldwide. Visit

About Link Motion
Link Motion is about simplifying. Through simplifying we find ways to change and make things better. We believe the future is the software defined car. We utilize a process we call software-driven hardware design to get the most out of hardware. We design our software and hardware together to be secure. We make the most secure connected carputer in the world. From our headquarters in Finland, Europe our team of experienced software engineers has been designing and developing software for global automotive markets since 2007. To serve our global customers we have offices in three other major automotive markets, the USA, China and Japan. Read more at

For further information, please contact:
Stephen Russell
PR Manager, Americas, Irdeto
Mobile: +1 774 273 3890

Sarianne Niemi
Marketing Communications, Link Motion
Mobile: +358 50 520 3183

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