Taking the driving experience to the new level – Link Motion at Slush

Jouni Mikkonen (on the left) and Mikko Hurskainen (on the right) from Link Motion together with Mikko Pyykkö from Third Space Auto.

The innovative carputer solution Motion T was showcased to visitors at Slush, the primary meeting hub between investors and startups worldwide, in Helsinki, Finland. Combining business and technology, Slush was on the front line to cover the topic of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), addressing advancement of technology, key challenges and latest business development of services – paving the way for innovative transportation concepts.

One-on-one meetings between the carputer provider Link Motion and potential technology partners contributed to cooperation opportunities towards more customized driving experience.

One of the partners to Link Motion demo corner was Third Space Auto, the company providing intelligent mobility solutions. Their solution, based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, can help vehicles to understand preferences of individual drivers – such as their preferred commuting routes or favorite gas stations – creating contextual intelligence -based life graph.

Jouni Mikkonen is presenting Motion T to visitors (in the middle), Mikko Hurskainen is giving an interview to automotive media representatives from U.S. (on the right).

“Link Motion’s carputer platform can further assist us in providing seamless driving experience. We are interested in sharing knowledge and having collaborative R&D projects as well as defining together future-proof concept for use cases”, Mikko Pyykkö, COO said.

Mikko Hurskainen, Technologist at Link Motion, acknowledged the benefits of cooperation. “Third Space Auto shows how to add value into connected car online and offline applications by software-centric approach. Link Motion’s Motion T enables safe and secure integration of such technologies.”

In the rapidly evolving automotive world, Link Motion’s platform is flexible to support personalized driving preferences, with partners who use their technological strengths in the most innovative way.

Visitor traffic at Link Motion’s product booth:

Link Motion is also cooperating with Nohau Solutions Finland. Mikko Hurskainen (on the right) is showcasing infotainment functionality of Motion T to Leevi Lehtonen, Technology Manager.

Visitors to the Link Motion’s stand were drawn to test how Motion T’s user interface feels like.

Mikko Hurskainen is giving an interview to automotive media representatives from U.S.

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